Meet the W&N Editorial Team

Welcome to the new W&N website! Our passion for extraordinary writing dates back to our two founders, Lord Weidenfeld and Nigel Nicolson, who were responsible for introducing some of the twentieth-century’s most remarkable voices – Vladimir Nabokov, Isaiah Berlin, Eric Hobsbawm, and Nicolson’s own parents Sir Harold Nicolson and Vita Sackville-West – to a wide readership. They launched their publishing house in 1949 with the idea of building bridges and opening minds through exceptional works of literature: we have been carrying on their legacy ever since. Here, we introduce the editors behind W&N today.


Federico AndorninoFederico Andornino, Commissioning Editor (Fiction)
Fede is a Commissioning Editor acquiring debut novels with an edge, sharp and original suspense, and fiction in translation. More broadly, He is an Italian expat living in London on an endless quest for the perfect espresso. In his publishing career he has worked on many different projects – from Queen of Up-lit Ruth Hogan to Riad Sattouf’s award winning graphic memoirs – but the one thing he is consistently looking for is a good story, the unputdownable, I-have-to-finish-reading-this-now kind. His favourite authors include Kate Atkinson, Elena Varvello and JK Rowling.


Kirsty DunseathKirsty Dunseath, Publisher (Fiction)
Kirsty loves novels that have a strong original voice, and plots that lure you in and won’t let go! She publishes, amongst others, Gillian Flynn, Emily Fridlund, Laura Barnett, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Julian Fellowes, Joe Ide, Alice Walker, Kei Miller and Michel Bussi. Her taste ranges from the literary, to upmarket thrillers and crime novels as well as fiction in translation – all united by that one thing, a special voice. She has lived briefly in France and Spain (goat farm; teaching) and always loves novels that take the reader to another time or place.


Lettice Franklin

Lettice Franklin, Commissioning Editor
Lettice is a Commissioning Editor looking for books that are intelligent, ambitious and immensely enjoyable. She has a fondness for books with a sense of humour (whether dark or light) but more than anything else, is drawn to exceptional writing, and would like her list to be defined by that. At W&N, and 4th Estate before that, Lettice has worked with authors including Paraic O’Donnell, Hermione Hoby, Anna Freeman, Joan Didion, Katherine Heiny, Lena Dunham, Claire Lowdon, Rivka Galchen, Anjali Joseph, Craig Brown and Judith Claire Mitchell.


Holly Harley

Holly Harley, Senior Editor (Non-Fiction)
Holly is a Senior Editor, working on a diverse list of exciting non-fiction. Her interests include history, popular science, memoir and narrative non-fiction; she enjoys any stories that open a new window on the world or showcase an author’s expertise. She joined W&N in 2012 as an Editorial Assistant, and since then she has worked with and edited authors including Richard Dawkins, Laura Freeman, Bettany Hughes, Greg Jenner, Henry Marsh, Adam Rutherford, Philippe Sands, Simon Sebag Montefiore and Sarah Weinman.


Jennifer KerslakeJennifer Kerslake, Editor
Jennifer is an Editor acquiring fiction and a little narrative non-fiction. She adores strong original voices, beautiful prose, and exhilarating storytelling – books that reveal something startling about life and linger long after you’ve turned the final page. She has worked with authors including Leila Aboulela, Chloë Mayer, Elisa Lodato, Francesca Jakobi, Dan Sheehan, Michèle Forbes and Shannon Leone Fowler, and launched the Hometown Tales series to find and celebrate regional voices. Among the books she wishes she’d published are Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, FAMILY LIFE by Akhil Sharma, SEATING ARRANGEMENTS by Maggie Shipstead and ALL THE BIRDS, SINGING by Evie Wyld.


Jenny LordJenny Lord, Publishing Director (Non-Fiction)
Jenny is Publishing Director for Non-fiction. She publishes in a wide range of categories, from memoir to popular science, history to narrative non-fiction, and can get excited about any subject for which the author has an infectious passion and an authentic story to tell. Before joining W&N in 2016, Jenny worked at both Canongate and Penguin and counts among the authors she has edited Adam Rutherford, Amy Liptrot, Caitlin Doughty, Henry Marsh, Mark Kermode, Olivia Laing, Philippe Sands, Simon Garfield and many others.



Craig Lye

Craig Lye, Assistant Editor (Fiction)
Craig is an Assistant Editor at W&N working across W&N’s fiction titles. He enjoys authentic, gripping historical fiction and military fiction / non-fiction. He also edits historical fiction with the Orion imprint, working with authors including Simon Turney, JM Alvey, Christian Cameron and Ben Kane.




Lucinda McNeile

Lucinda McNeile, Editorial Director (Non-Fiction)
Lucinda is Editorial Director for non-fiction, and she helps the Publisher edit and publish a wide range of non-fiction.   Recently she has worked on Philip Norman’s biography of Eric Clapton, Victor Sebesteyn’s biography of Lenin, John McEnroe’s memoir BUT SERIOUSLY and Antonia Fraser’s THE KING AND THE CATHOLICS.




Paul MurphyPaul Murphy, Editorial Director (Non-Fiction)
Paul’s main areas of interest are sport, popular science, current affairs, natural history, popular culture and memoir, especially when it provides otherwise hidden insights into people’s work and lives. He has published prize-winners and bestsellers, and some of the authors he has worked with include Guillem Balagué, John Sutherland, Nicholas Crane, John Lewis-Stempel, Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart, John Higgs, and Jonathan Wilson. He would love to find the next Yuval Noah Harari or Michael Lewis.



Alan SamsonAlan Samson, Publisher (Non-Fiction)
Alan joined W&N in 2003 after 11 years working for Little, Brown. He enjoys publishing history, politics, biography, A-list celebrities and sport. Alan’s list of authors includes Antonia Fraser, Antony Beevor, Bettany Hughes, Julie Walters, Helen Mirren, Sean Connery, AA Gill, John McEnroe and Keith Richards. He has also published books by David Hockney, R.D.Laing, Spike Milligan, Mitch Albom (TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE), Malcolm Gladwell (THE TIPPING POINT) and Roy Keane and Roddy Doyle (THE SECOND HALF).



Simon WrightSimon Wright, Assistant Editor (Non-Fiction)
Simon is an Assistant Editor working on a range of non-fiction including biography, memoir, popular culture and politics. He is often drawn to history books, from sweeping narratives to social panoramas, and he is interested in writers who bring authority but also freshness to their chosen subjects. Some of his favourite books are biographies of literary or cultural figures. The authors he has worked with and edited at W&N include Tina Brown, Michael Coveney, Philip Eade,  Rebecca Front, James Hamilton, Shawn Levy, Richard Morris, Liza Picard, Anne Sebba and Chris Skidmore.



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