The Last Days of Newgate

The Last Days of Newgate

‘A story of high intrigue and low politics, brutal murder and cunning conspiracies . . . tangy and rambunctious stuff!’ Observer

‘Gripping and atmospheric’ Daily Express

‘Enjoyably disturbing . . . likely to leave the reader clamouring for more’ TLS

St Giles, London, 1829: three people have been brutally murdered and the city simmers with anger and political unrest. Pyke, sometime Bow Street Runner, sometime crook, finds himself accidentally embroiled in the murder investigation but quickly realises that he has stumbled into something more sinister and far-reaching.

In his pursuit of the murderer, Pyke ruffles the feathers of some powerful people and, falsely accused of murder himself, he soon faces a death sentence and the gallows. Imprisoned, and with only his uncle and the headstrong, aristocratic daughter of his greatest enemy to help, Pyke must engineer his escape, find the real killer and untangle the web of intrigue that has been spun around him.

A story of intrigue, conspiracy and murder set in 19th-century Britain for fans of Antonia Hodgson, Ripper Street and Patrick Easter.

‘The novel drips with all the atmospheric details of a pre-Victorian murder mystery – “pea-soupers”, dingy lanterns and laudanum’ The Times

‘Pyke ia an intriguingly unfathomable character’ Financial Times

‘Pyke is violent, vengeful and conflicted in the best tradition of detectives. His story takes in grisly murder and torture, and uses 1800s London in the same way that hard-boiled fiction uses Los Angeles as a mirror of a corrupt society’ Time Out
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Crime & Mystery

On Sale: 12th March 2009

Price: £16.99

ISBN-13: 9780297857112