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HIGHGROVE: A GARDEN CELEBRATED is a commemoration of the beautiful, mature gardens planned and planted by The Prince of Wales over thirty years ago. This exclusive edition, made with organic leather, features watercolours by His Royal Highness, and is an edition for the true gardening connoisseur.

The gardens at Highgrove evoke intense emotion. In January, the dramatic light and early snowdrops of the Stumpery are exquisite; the glistening emerald lawns and tree blossoms in Spring lift the spirits with a promise of what is to come; in Summer, the longed-for delphiniums in the Sundial Garden stand proudly to attention and dramatic leaf colours welcome Autumn to the Arboretum as the harvesting in the Kitchen Garden begins. In Winter the structural elements of the garden have their moment of glory as the year comes to a close and the cycle of the seasons continues.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs that capture both the light and detail of this magisterial space, this commemorative book will delight and inspire both gardeners and horticulturalists of every level. It is an exquisite celebration of garden design, passion and inspiration.

What's Inside

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A superbly illustrated and engaging book. If you've not been there yourself, you'll feel as though you have when you've enjoyed this book.
Alan Titchmarsh on The Garden at Highgrove, Daily Express
This book had my eyes on stalks...The Prince is unstoppable...the garden thoroughly reflects its owner's passions, life, taste and sense of humour. And that is what a garden should be about.
Stephen Lacey on The Garden at Highgrove, Daily Telegraph
A superbly illustrated and engaging book. If you've not been there yourself, you'll feel as though you have when you've enjoyed this book.
Alan Titchmarsh on the Garden at Highgrove, DAILY EXPRESS
This book had my eyes on stalks...The Prince is unstoppable...the garden thoroughly reflects its owner's passions, life, taste and sense of humour. And that is what a garden should be about.
Stephen Lacey on the Garden at Highgrove, DAILY TELEGRAPH
HIGHGROVE: A GARDEN CELEBRATED takes readers inside the stunning gardens enjoyed by the heir to the throne and his wife, as well as offering tips on how to recreate the look at home.
This volume is particularly beautiful in its magnificent photography and the quality of the printing. Our estimable guide through that paradise, charting each month through the year, is the landscape designer and Gardener's Question Timepanellist, Bunny Guinness. Her sound knowledge of practical gardening enables her to be an excellent and thoughtful recorder of the garden through the seasons and, most hepfully, to describe some of the methods of organic husbandry that underpin all that grows there so abundantly. His Royal Highness's successful creation of a finely tuned eco-system on land that was formerly degraded by unsympathetic management is a touching and visionary story, well told here, and includes his own heartfelt preambles to each chapter
Kathryn Bradley-Hole, COUNTRY LIFE
What makes this book stand out are the stunning photographs from a trio of distinguished photographers: Marianne Majerus, Andrew Butler and Andrew Lawson. The pictures sing from every page... images so breathtaking I want to jump into them, like the children in Mary Poppins. All are well served by this exceptionally produced book, with its unusually comprehensive plant list... a book that does elegant justice to the design, passion and work behind a remarkable garden
The book's considerable merits lie in the conscientious reliability of Guinness's text, its completeness as a record and the photographs by Marianne Majerus, Andrew Butler and Andrew Lawson. These capture all the moods and episodes of this fantastically varied garden
This idyllic Cotswolds have reproduces beautifully in book form. Divided month by month, the guide illustrateds aspects of the house and garden through the year, complemented by a little history, an insight into Prince Charles' horticultural philosophy, and details of the plants grown. Offering a riot of colour on every page, with 200 photograps in all, you can almost smell the flowers
A vibrant pictorial journey, month by month, through the gardens, accompanied by an insightful and engagingly honest commentary from both The Prince of Wales and landscape architect and journalist Bunny Guinness. This delightful publication recalls the dreams, trials, errors and ultimate blooming success of these cherished gardens
The illuminating new book on Highgrove has a text by the designer Bunny Guinness, superb colour photos and a preface by himself about each month and what it means to him
To bring the glory of the gardens and the environmental message to a wider audience Charles has co-authored a lavishly illustrated new book 'Highgrove: A Garden Celebrated'... it is an enchanting introduction to a natural wonderland, the fruits of a thirty-four year labour of love
This latest book on Highgrove is a visual feast. The big photographs are lush and saturated with colour. Almost every picture is flooded with evocative mists, early dawn rays or the kind of gentle light that makes British gardens famous around the world. The writing weaves through this sumptuousness to produce an extremely comprehensive book on the design and seasonal variations of one of England's most famous gardens. There is even a huge plant list as an appendix... The best books on individual gardens give readers an insight into the character of the creator - whose motivation, work ethic, limitations or creativity are as interesting as the result. So it is a joy to find that, in every month, there is a paragraph written by The Prince of Wales himself. I was fascinated by his accurate observations of the changing seasons and they give his creation great credibility
Ursula Cholmeley, THE GARDEN
Shows the Prince of Wales's own garden through the seasons and full of thought-provoking ideas and stunning illustrations of one of my favourite gardens
What a stunning record! If you like colourful flora then you will love this large-format volume with its brilliant photography. Each month of the year has its own section with a detailed analysis of how the changing seasons affect every aspect of this wonderful royal garden... epitomises all that is good about the English countryside
The garden is a very personal expression of its owner's beliefs, of the value of working with nature, protecting endangered species, organic gardening, wildflowers and heritage skills. Inspired by Hidcote, and without rushing, he has over time developed a series of 'paintings' for observing light, so that the garden forms a relaxed network of different spaces. There are lots of intimate areas with ideas that could be used in smaller gardens
This is a journey through a year in the iconic garden of HRH The Prince of Wales. With fabulous images from some of the country's top garden photographers and gorgeous illustrations, the different areas of Highgrove come to life in turn, whether frosted with snow of bursting with blooms. I particularly loved the surprising gatefold pages showing the meadow in all its glory, and Bunny Guinness's words, which give context and a sense of place
Stephanie Mahon, THE ENGLISH GARDEN Books of the Year 2015
With ravishing photographs, text by Bunny Guinness and lyrical descriptions by Prince Charles of his favourite monthly highlights, this is a rare opportunity to glimpse the Prince's private garden in all its seasonal glory
Jane Shilling, DAILY MAIL
This lavishly illustrated celebration of the garden that Prince Charles started over 30 years ago makes me want to dash there immediately. The thinking behind each exquisite section is described, as are the mistakes and triumphs, and plans for the future An absolute must for any garden lover