Raising the Skirt

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Genre: Mathematics & Science

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‘A meticulous guide not only to the vagina but to changing perceptions of womanhood’ OBSERVER
‘An empowering and enlightening book’ IRISH TIMES

The vagina is the ultimate symbol of female power. Sexual power, creative power and the power to prevent harm. For too long, though, the true extent of vaginal power has been ignored, hidden and misrepresented.

Raising the skirt: the unsung power of the vagina reveals this revolutionary view of female genitalia and points the way to a new understanding of what it means to be female. An inspiration for millennia, the vagina is actually a muscular marvel of engineering – sensitive and strong, fluid and flexible. Far from being a passive vessel, female genitalia control the most important role of all: the survival of the species.

Originally published as THE STORY OF V: OPENING PANDORA’S BOX


Her quest moves from the mythic to the scientific, presented in a lively, accessible style - well-researched, convincingly argued - an empowering and enlightening book
The book that changed my mind... It turns out the female orgasm is the biggest news on the planet. News that stays news
Lucy Ellman, GUARDIAN
A meticulous guide not only to the vagina but to changing perceptions of womanhood
A serious and well-researched look at how attitudes and information have changed over the centuries ...This would be a great book to give to your man for his birthday. If you've got a girlfriend, well, read it together. It is completely fascinating
Jeanette Winterson
Reveals the ancient and newfound powers of the vagina ... if we only knew what we had under our skirts. Learn the story - read this book
Eve Ensler, author of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES
A persuasive and exhaustive study of the history, culture and reproductive power of female genitalia ... the author is a phenomenal researcher and movingly enthusiastic about her special subject
Sings of the triumphant vagina that may have its detractors in the West but elsewhere - and in nature - is heroic, honoured and revered ...The West gets it wrong