The Handmade Home

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780297866527

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Create, craft and bake – Cherry Menlove shows you how to make your house a warm and cosy home all year round.

A love of home is Cherry’s philosophy and at the heart of everything she does. Covering all aspects of homemaking and lifestyle from her own stunning house in West Sussex, Cherry Menlove presents a host of inspirational ideas to make your home feel special to you and your family. Including cookery, crafting, design, gardening and re-upholstery, Cherry is the expert at transforming a house into a cosy, warm and happy home. In this beautifully illustrated book, Cherry transports you into a world of homemade luxury, teaching you everything from how to create a patchwork quilt to baking delicious cupcakes and hosting the perfect children’s party. With 12 self-contained and easy-to-follow chapters, Cherry will show you that preparing for any occasion can be inspiring, adventurous, but most of all, simple.


This is a staggeringly beautiful book, and Cherry is a really true inspirational figure
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It has simple instructions, fab advice, delicious recipes and beautiful photos. It's also full of ideas for annual events, from Valentine's Day to Christmas - giving you plenty of reasons to stitch, bake and make to your heart's content all year round. We love.
Cherry Menlove is the ultimate homemaker - she started her blog eight years ago from her spare bedroom, writing about her favourite subjects - her home and garden.
With sparse white pages edged in ice-cream shades, the book is a masterclass in how to make one's house a home. It covers the garden, food and crafting, so there's everything from step-by-step instructions for making a kids' wigwam to recipes for rose cream shortbread.
Offers hours of escapism and a wealth of helpful advice and inspiration.