Under The Eye Of The Clock

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Genre: Biography & True Stories / Biography: General

A powerful and moving autobiography from a gifted writer who has been compared to Joyce and Yeats.

‘A book of sheer wonder. As an author he competes as an equal with the ablest of them’ DAILY EXPRESS

This is the story of Joseph Meehan, born cruelly handicapped and known to the world as ‘the crippled boy’. Filled with insight into the soul inside a broken body and warm with the beauties of the Irish landscape it is the story of Joseph’s fight to escape the restrictions and confines of his existence.

UNDER THE EYE OF THE CLOCK can also be read as the autobiography of its author, Christopher Nolan.


Battling against the cruellest handicaps, he has produced a book of sheer wonder. As an author he competes as an equal with the ablest of them
He has a keen sense of the generations of mute, helpless cripples who have been dashed and branded and treated as dross for want of a voice to tell us what it feels like. Now that voice has come, and we know
John Carey
Severely disabled by congenital cerebral palsy, Irish poet Nolan was 15 years old when he was acclaimed ""a brilliantly gifted young writer'' in the tradition of Yeats and Joyce...His physical triumphs and defeats are recorded with a striking absence of self-pity. In passages that are lyrically descriptive, there is abundant word coinage and expressive neologisms that capture Nolan's thoughts on sexuality and gratitude for the ambiance that supported him during his year at Trinity College. As Carey, his professor, states in the preface, Nolan's handicap is "a positive factor'' rather than a modifying condition in his impressive achievement.