Don't Go There!

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780297858010

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ON SALE: 12th March 2009

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure / Humour

Get to know ‘Not-so Great Britain’ in this crackingly acerbic collection of insulting and downright offensive quotations about cities, towns and other locations in the British Isles.

Towns, cities, counties and constituent countries all come in for a lambasting in this bad-tempered and thoroughly entertaining journey round the British Isles (or, as the Irish insist on calling them, the Hibernian Archipelago), from the nauseatingly Nordic Shetlands to the suspiciously Froggy Channel Islands, from ‘the arse end of the world’ (Wigan) to the ‘heaving Sodom of the south coast’ (Brighton).

And it’s not just the places that come in for a hammering – the people too are mocked and reviled, from the imbecilic, dimwitted folk of County Kerry to the inbred, turkey-fancying natives of Norfolk, from the tight-fistedness of the inhabitants of Aberdeen to the light-fingeredness and incessant whinings of the Scouser.

And – unlike Boris Johnson of The Spectator – Mr Plinth will not be saying ‘Oops. Sorry!’