Unravelling the Double Helix

Unravelling the Double Helix

Unravelling the Double Helix covers the most colourful period in the history of DNA, from the discovery of ‘nuclein’ in the late 1860s to the publication of Watson’s The Double Helix in 1968. This is a saga packed with awful mistakes as well as brilliant science, with a wonderful cast of heroes and villains. Surprisingly, much of it is unfamiliar, because the early history is largely neglected by books which focus on the episode of the double helix. The elucidation of the double helix was one of the most brilliant gems of twentieth-century science, but Gareth Williams shows that to ignore everything that went before is as irrational as prising the biggest diamond out of the Coronation Sceptre and turning your back on the rest of the Crown Jewels.

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Genre: Mathematics & Science

On Sale: 18th April 2019

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781409180043


...a riveting good read...Not only did I find it hard to put down, I'm now moved to seek out other science histories by Williams. Highly recommended.
Gareth Williams, the former dean of medicine at Bristol University, has woven a truly superb narrative from short biographies of all the scientists who contributed to, and in some cases just missed out on, the epochal discovery that the secret of life is a digital linear code written on DNA ... By choosing to fill in the gaps in conventional accounts, Williams has done a good job of telling the whole story of science's greatest discovery. He has done it with fluency and a real feel for narrative
Matt Ridley, The Times
This is a FANTASTIC book
Professor Alice Roberts via Twitter (@theAliceRoberts)