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From the bestselling author of the LAST KING OF SCOTLAND

Nick, a marine biologist, is working on coral reef protection off the East African island of Zanzibar in 1998. While on a trip to nearby Dar-es-Salaam, he meets Miranda, who has just earned a posting at the US embassy in Tanzania. In the midst of their budding relationship, Nick and Miranda find themselves embroiled in a terrorist conspiracy involving Al Qaeda, and, all at once, their expat romance shifts into a political thriller.


His sense of place is unerring, his details exact, felicitous, often rising to the luminosity of poetry - whether he is writing of coral reefs, or clove farms, or the markets of Zanzibar and Pemba. There is no trace of colonial, condescending or Orientalist attitudes in his writing
Neel Mukherjee, The Times
A rewarding, intelligent novel that displays his now characteristic blend of experience, imagination and intimate research
Henry Hitchings, Financial Times
[Foden] is a master of ambiguity where it is welcome, and discomfort where it is not. Above all, he knows how to use individual lives to dramatise and explain external events that impact on us all
Anthony Holden, Observer
[Foden's] fiction is so convincing that it is hard not to feel that you are reading the "real" inside story. In his hands, terrorists are no longer caricatures of fundamentalist evil, but men whose actions seem understandable, who exist in three dimensions
Edward Marriot, Evening Standard
Thrills in its astute entangling of East and West
Philip Horne, Daily Telegraph, Books of the Year
A splendid adventure
Allan Laing, Herald, Books of the Year
Foden pulls off a difficult feat - he adds something fresh to the most reported news events of the last half century
Harry Mount, Spectator
An unusual and refreshing novel; it is willing to engage with important political issues, and does so without oversimplifying them
William Skidelsky, Times Literary Supplement
Foden's tense, involving, well constructed book presents history as the participants might have seen it
James Francken, London Review of Books