The Reunion

The Reunion


French Riviera, winter 1992.
On a freezing night, as her high school campus is engulfed by a snowstorm, 19-year-old Vinca Rockwell runs away with her philosophy teacher with whom she’s been having a secret affair.
No one will ever see her again.

French Riviera, spring 2017.
Formerly inseparable, Fanny, Thomas and Maxime – Vinca’s best friends – have not spoken in twenty-five years. But when they receive a notice from their old school detailing the plans for a new gymnasium and inviting them to a class reunion, they know they must go back one more time.
Because there is a body buried in that building… …and they’re the ones who put it there.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense

On Sale: 11th July 2019

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781409185949


Stylish and streamlined, nostalgic... More please.
Mark Sanderson, The Times
In Musso's masterful plotting, Thomas faces fresh dangers at every turn. The atmospheric finale - which unfolds at Villa Fitzgerald and along Smugglers Way, the coastal path near some of the most lavish properties on the Côte d'Azur - brings shocking revelations. (The 10 Smartest Beach Reads of 2019)
Generations and eras intertwine against the backdrop of a murderous school campus... The perfect summer book to devour while lounging by a swimming pool
This immensely satisfying thriller about a prep school scandal and three friends' buried secrets had me turning the pages well into the night. The Reunion has everything a masterful thriller should: gut-wrenching suspense, a twisting story with blindsiding surprises, and a narrator with a mysterious past. It's no wonder that Guillaume Musso is one of France's most loved, bestselling authors.
Harlan Coben
Hugely enjoyable and beautifully staged, with an audacious authorial coup at the death that is simply breathtaking.
Declan Hughes, Irish Times
This is a suspenseful and utterly consuming novel... Highly addictive!
Helena Gumley-Mason, THE LADY
The Reunion will see him hailed as one of the great thriller writers of our age.
Stuart Winter, DAILY EXPRESS
A fun read, spiced with pop-cultural references.
Laura Wilson, Guardian (Thrillers of the Month)
The French call it a coup de foudre: a strike of lightning. That's how The Reunion zapped me, electrified me. For almost a decade, Guillaume Musso has reigned supreme as France's most popular author, and with this, his American debut, he's instantly poised to join the ranks of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. The Reunion zigzags so nimbly - between past and present, from intrigue to terror, amid possible suspects and potential victims - that you're at very real risk of whiplash. Witty, elegant, and peopled with complex characters, it's one of the most sheerly suspenseful novels I've read in years - and among the most enjoyable, too.
A.J. Finn, #1 bestselling author of THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW
Despite the ticking-clock premise, Musso takes time to set the atmosphere, with lush details that transport the reader to a locale that's at once glamorous and also laced with a deep, abiding sadness.
Joan Smith, Sunday Times Culture
This vastly satisfying mystery is a huge bestseller in France - and it fully deserves to be... Written with fluency and charm, this is breathtakingly good. Do not miss it.
Daily Mail
Long-buried secrets will give way to the truth in this tragic, riveting, French-Riviera-set story.
Globe and Mail
Despite the ticking-clock premise, Musso takes time to set the atmosphere, with lush details that transport the reader to a locale that's at once glamorous and also laced with a deep, abiding sadness.
Crime Reads (The Most Anticipated Books of Summer 2019)
Hitchcock meets Twin Peaks
A fine tale of suspense from France's best-selling author.
A fast-paced thriller, set on the Cote d'Azur, packed with a glamorous missing girl, a dead body, and enough references to Twin Peaks and raves and Belle and Sebastian to tickle anybody who came of age in the 1990s.
Vanity Fair