Ann Veronica

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Genre: Literature & Literary Studies

Stong-willed, reckless and fiercely independent, Ann Veronica Stanley is determined to be a ‘Person’, to work, love and, above all, to live. Walking away from her stifling father and the social conventions of her time, she leaves drab suburbia for Edwardian London and encounters an unknown world of suffragettes, Fabians and free love. But it is only when she meets the charismatic Capes that she truly confronts the meaning of her new found freedom.

Ann Veronica caused a sensation, damned in the press and preached against from the pulpits when it was first published in 1909 due to Wells’ groundbreaking treatment of female sexuality.


Wells has put all his cleverness into this long story of an engagement and marriage between two attractive and, we may add, perfectly moral young people