Dolores is a glowing, beating heart of a book; Curtis' sentences manage to be both mysterious and precise, creating a potent atmosphere that resonates beyond its brevity
Megan Hunter, author of THE END WE START FROM
Dolores reads the way a first novel should: short, lyrical, intense, and with adventurous ambition
Nell Zink, author of THE WALLCREEPER and MISLAID
Rich, melodic and marked by a troubling sensuality, Dolores depicts the strange pleasures a young girl might take in her body, and the perils and liberations such pleasures hold
Sue Rainsford, author of FOLLOW ME TO GROUND
A succinct, intense story ... this atmospheric debut is a deliciously satisfying read about a girl at a critical juncture in her life
Dolores is propulsive, atmospheric, wonderfully peculiar, a little dark. A dreamy hallucination
Amina Cain, author of INDELICACY