The Kindness of Enemies

The Kindness of Enemies

The new novel from three times Orange Prize longlisted Leila Aboulela

Natasha Wilson knows how difficult it is to fit in. Born to a Russian mother and a Muslim father, she feels adrift in Scotland and longs for a place which really feels like home.

Then she meets Oz, a charismatic and passionate student at the university where Natasha teaches. As their bond deepens, stories from Natasha’s research come to life – tales of forbidden love and intrigue in the court of the Tsar.

But when Oz is suspected of radicalism, Natasha’s own work and background suddenly come under the spotlight. As suspicions grow around her, and friends and colleagues back away, Natasha stands to lose the life she has fought to build.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Historical Fiction

On Sale: 13th August 2015

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781474600118


The passages are arresting in their descriptiveness, with beautiful pockets of calm in which the spiritual journey, as advocated by Shamil's Sufi teacher, is explored.
[A] treat - a novel that recreates the fascinating story of the rebel of the Caucasus, Imam Shamil, a 19th-century warrior who battled to defend his home against the invading Russians and united the Muslims of the region under his iconic leadership. Weaving the story of his relationship with a Georgian princess he kidnapped into a more contemporary story of mistaken terrorism, we learn much about the nature of loss, the legacy of exile and the meaning of home at a time in our world when all three are high in our minds
Mariella Frostrup, GUARDIAN, Best Books of 2015
Aboulela's graceful writing style makes for a pleasurable read.
An often intriguing story, politically relevant and historically fascinating
One of Aboulela's aims - apart from telling a fascinating story with the verve and assurance of a natural novelist - is surely to present a sympathetic picture of Islam to a western readership more accustomed to being what, for devout Muslims, is a distorted and reprehensible version of their faith.
The reader flicks back and forth through time, gleaning pleasure and enlightenment through each of the doorways as they go, finishing with a head filled with different nuances on questions politicians demand we reflect upon.
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