St Brigid’s is a remote island off the west coast of Ireland. It is a barren place and its small community is dwindling. But according to rumour it is a magical place, home to a healing well.

Two sisters, Rose and Emer, have resisted the call of the mainland. Rose is beautiful, blessed with love and many children. Emer is unlovely and, worse still, she is cursed by the strange currents that run through her fingers.

When a dazzling stranger alights on St Brigid’s, she is shunned. She has come in search of a miracle, and the islanders keep their secrets close. But gradually she insinuates her way into the sisters’ lives, and even Emer opens her heart.

Little do they realise that her quest will endanger the lives of all who remain on the island. Passion will endanger everything they hold dear.


Some books set up house inside your soul. The Stolen Child is one such book. Utterly magnificent
M. R. Carey, author of THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS
Startling, bewitching and new; the world of Lisa Carey's The Stolen Child is less a tiny island than a multi-layered universe. Fierce and vivid in its portrayals of community, superstition, sexuality and the human need to believe and to connect, it's a novel which resists sentiment and instead plunges into the visceral quick of myth and legend, while keeping a clear and intelligent eye on the reality of how people are. Carey's women in particular are unforgettable: this is a novel to devour
Belinda McKeon, author of TENDER
A piercing exploration of regret and desire, longing and love. It is a gorgeously written, inventive, and compelling novel
Ayelet Waldman, author of Love and Treasure
Dark, dazzling, quintessentially Irish . . . The Stolen Child is completely and utterly ravishing
Monica Wood, author of ANY BITTER THING
St Brigid's Island is the sinister, seductive home to several individualistic, spiky women. These women know that their world is peopled with more than can be seen and they collude with and push against those sources, often with frightening results. The Stolen Child is a gorgeously written book about female bonds and the ferocious pull of motherhood. Compelling, eerie and beautiful
Nuala O'Connor, author of MISS EMILY
The Stolen Child is captivating - savage and tender, with a deep respect for the transcendent truths that lie in human pain. It grabs you, shakes you to your core and keeps you turning those pages. Leaving you reeling, sated and in love with its characters, landscape and utterly believable magic
Mia Gallagher, author of HELLFIRE
Fans of Gothic intrigue have a treat in store. The Stolen Child by Lisa Carey has all the right ingredients for a good yarn: a windswept island, a jealous twin and a woman in search of a miracle
It's a brave author who names their book after a Yeats poem. But Carey's understated tale of complex women living complex lives is steeped in the strange, chilly tone of the 19th century verse
Carey paints an ethereally vivid picture of a legend drenched in fear, betrayal, love and desire - proof of her lyrical genius
Lucy Frith, STYLIST
Carey employs a generous dose of magic realism to leave you guessing, crafting a dark, devastating fairy tale that will keep you up into the wee hours
Her distinctive voice shines throughout The Stolen Child, which casts a spell upon the reader in its opening prologue and does not let go until the final devastating moments
A deserted island off the west coast of Ireland provides the vividly imagined setting for a tale of superstition and lust
A powerful, bewitching gothic tale of betrayal, superstition and desire.
This is a captivating, eerily beautiful tome; full of mistrust, dark magic and superstition
Jennifer McShane, IMAGE MAGAZINE
With some artful weaving of fact and fiction, history and legend, harsh reality and Celtic myth, Carey has created an elegant and deeply evocative work of fiction.
Lisa Carey's The Stolen Child does what few tales dare to - get inside your head and refuse to leave. Set on a mysterious windswept island off the coast of Ireland, St Brigid, the story centers on its intriguing community and follows two sisters: Rose blessed with beauty and disfigured Emer, who was blinded in one eye by a swarm of bees and who has a curse - she can harm with a simple touch of her hands . . . This is a captivating, eerily beautiful tomb; full of mistrust, dark magic, and superstition - you won't be able to put it down.