Sad Janet

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Meet Janet. Janet is sad. Not about her life, about the world. Have you seen it? That’s why she works at a dog shelter in the woods, where she can wear a giant coat and avoid human contact.

The thing is, she’s not out to make anyone else sad. She’s not turning up to weddings shouting that most marriages end in divorce. She can still be (kind of) normal when she wants to, she just doesn’t want to, most of the time.

But when her family stage an intervention, and her doctor offers her a new pill that promises one day off from being sad, even Janet is curious. However, experimenting with happiness causes unexpected side-effects for all involved…

Hilarious, provocative and profound, Sad Janet is the antidote for our happiness-obsessed times.


Told in Janet's distinctive voice, I found this engaging satirical novel very funny
Daily Mail
BRILLIANT. Janet is my soulmate. If ever there was a year you needed a brutally hilarious story abt the need for dedicated anti-depressants to deal with an oncoming Christmas THIS IS IT. I loved it deeply
Sharp, sad, hilarious
Sharply observed, dark and full of wit
Britsch's tart debut is a wicked satire of our obsession with happiness
A strangely exuberant meditation on sadness
A whipsmart, biting piece of tragicomedy which manages to inspire real laughter while celebrating sadness. Hilarious, profound and deeply refreshing
I am LOVING this book! Sentence after sentence of funny lil gems
A narrator like a grown up Daria, still trying to live authentically while wracked with depression. Funny and sharp as hell.
Surprising and irreverent...Be prepared for edginess, dark humor and profanity
As I was reading this, my partner kept asking why I was laughing. This book is dark and hilarious and will speak to everyone who's ever wondered why they spend time with humans and not just dogs
Rowan Hisayo Buchanan