In Pursuit of Fulfilment

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This is the life story of one of the most successful business leaders of our time.

The formative influence upon Investcorp founder Nemir Kirdar was his father, who was mayor of Kirkuk and who instilled a public-service ethic in all of his sons. The book describes the events that drove Kirdar away from a life in politics in Iraq to the safety of the United States where he worked to establish himself in international investment banking. The first event was the assassination of King Faisal II. The second was his arrest after returning to Iraq to start his own business. By the time he flees from Iraq to Lebanon, Kirdar has married and has one daughter.

In the beginning it is hard work, a long day in a training programme and then nights attending Fordham University to get his MBA. He works for a consortium of US banks and then moves on to Chase where he asks for his own department with a specialisation in financial projects in the Middle East. Kirdar is given rein to establish this project and an office in Abu Dhabi. Soon he finds the people he most wants to work with him, an international team, and then with some help from the Arab Monetary Fund he founds his company which is to be an investment company for the entire Gulf region. First he must ‘explore the appetite of future investors’. He describes with great tact the difficulties of dealing with ultra-wealthy investors, and the period of the 1980s during which the company turned impressive profits in venture capital schemes through the wobbly dotcom craze to the present. He wanted Investcorp to be ‘a bridge linking the Middle East and the West’ and he has emphatically succeeded in this aim.

IN PURSUIT OF FULFILMENT is a personal testimony from one of the world’s most successful businessmen, the memoir of a vision – the story of what happens when an ideal encounters real life.