The Birth Of The Modern

The Birth Of The Modern

A classic study of fifteen crucial years in the formation of the modern world

The Birth of the Modern has established itself as a new kind of historical work – an examination of the way the matrix of the modern world was formed. Paul Johnson, one of today’s most popular historians, takes fifteen critical years and subjects them to a fascinatingly detailed analysis: their geopolitics and politics, their cultural and intellectual life, their technology and science. He investigates every area of life, in every corner of the world. And he makes of this huge variety of elements a coherent narrative, told through the lives and actual words of the age’s people – outstanding and ordinary – so that the reader feels he was there.
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Genre: Humanities / History / History: Earliest Times To Present Day / Modern History To 20th Century: C 1700 To C 1900

On Sale: 31st October 2013

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781780227146