Natural Born Learners

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781474604734

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Learning is the soul of our species. From our first steps to our last words, we are what we learn. But for all its obvious importance, learning has lost touch with human progress. We live in an information age, work in a knowledge economy, yet our schools are relics of an industrial era. Education insider Alex Beard takes us on a dazzling tour of the future of learning to show how we can – and why we must – do better. Tackling everything from artificial intelligence to our growing understanding of the infant brain, Natural Born Learners is a user’s guide to transforming learning in the twenty-first century and roadmap to accessing our better future selves.

What's Inside

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Reviews of the most optimistic, thought-provoking and ambitious educational books of recent years. Natural Born Learners is audacious, sassy, unafraid of big questions about what our children deserve and what our culture needs from education...bold and exuberant
Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, TES
Wide-ranging, often humorous and consistently fascinating, this is a book for all those interested in learning - a process that, as the author stresses, should be lifelong
Stephanie Cross, THE LADY
A grand tour, looking for what works in an era in which traditional educational models bump up against acute societal change
Readers should accompany Beard on his travels - not only because the subject of his inquiry is so important, but because after myriad engaging anecdotes and encounters, he arrives at some conclusions with universal relevance
Lively and provocative ... Beard is inspirational on the capabilities of the brain. Fizzing through the neuroscience he encourages readers to admire the potential for learning in even a lowly slug, and makes a powerful case against the old ideas of fixed or hereditary intelligence
Fiona Millar, GUARDIAN
A dazzlingly fast-paced journey through the classrooms and laboratories of the globe in an attempt to tackle the Big Questions of our age . . . This is a book that sets out to explore our deepest dreams and most profound possibilities
By learning from educators on the vanguard all over the world, Alex Beard helps us understand what we need to do to ensure that today's children can shape a better future for themselves and all of us. We must prioritise and approach education in a totally different way to achieve this end, and Natural Born Learners helps us see the path forward
WENDY KOPP, CEO & Co-founder Teach For All
A timely and passionate book on the need for a global educational renaissance
Jane Shilling, MAIL ON SUNDAY
In this vital and vitalising exploration of the future of education, Alex Beard has written a compelling work of non-fiction. A meditation, a rallying cry and an inspirational call to cut a new educational path, this is an incredibly important book. As Beard powerfully illustrates, if we get education right for everyone then we'll be well on the way to solving so many of our other problems
Owen Sheers, METRO