The Lost Spy

The Lost Spy

A dramatic story of secrets, espionage, murder and cover-ups – the most important Cold War spy story for a generation.

For half a century, the case of Isaiah Oggins, a 1920s New York intellectual brutally murdered in 1947 on Stalin’s orders, remained hidden in the secret files of the KGB and the FBI – a footnote buried in the rubble of the Cold War. Then, in 1992, it surfaced briefly, when Boris Yeltsin handed over a deeply censored dossier to the White House. THE LOST SPY at last reveals the truth: Oggins was one of the first Americans to spy for the Soviets.

Based on six years of international sleuthing, THE LOST SPY traces Oggins’s rise in beguiling detail – a brilliant Columbia University graduate sent to run a safe house in Berlin and spy on the Romanovs in Paris and the Japanese in Manchuria – and his fall: death by poisoning in a KGB laboratory.
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Genre: Humanities / History / General & World History

On Sale: 30th December 2010

Price: £16.99

ISBN-13: 9780297856566