A History of the English-Speaking Peoples since 1900

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Prize-winning British historian tells the story of the English-speaking peoples in the 20th century

Winston Churchill’s History of the English-Speaking Peoples ended in 1900. Andrew Roberts, Wolfson History prizewinner has been inspired by Churchill’s example to write the story of the 20th century.

Churchill wrote: ‘Every nation or group of nations has its own tale to tell. Knowledge of the trials and struggles is necessary to all who would comprehend the problems, perils, challenges, and opportunities which confront us today ‘It is in the hope that contemplation of the trials and tribulations of our forefathers may not only fortify the English-speaking peoples of today, but also play some small part in uniting the whole world, that I present this account.’

As the greatest of all the trials and tribulations of the English-speaking peoples took place in the twentieth century, Roberts’ book covers the four world-historical struggles in which the English-speaking peoples have been engaged – the wars against German Nationalism, Axis Fascism, Soviet Communism and now the War against Terror. But just as Churchill did in his four volumes, Roberts also deals with the cultural, social and political history of the English global diaspora.


A brilliant revisionist history of the English-speaking peoples which deserves to be put into the hands of every teenager
Magnificently provoking. ... A worthy successor to Churchill's history of the same subject ... This is not a book for those who like their history written in various shades of apologetic grey. This is history written with the author's heart on his sleeve. This is a work of astonishing range and depth, combining as it does a polemical flair with sure-footed scholarship
Now Andrew Roberts the celebrated biographer of Lord Halifax and Salisbury, takes the story to the present day in his own epic
This book takes no prisoners. It is a bold, uncompromising trumpet blast in celebration of the political, economic and cultural achievements of the English-Speaking Peoples in the 20th century and until the present day ... Roberts is never without a trenchant opinion or a scathing denunciation of humbug. In robust prose and armed with immense learning, he is always readable and never loses sight of his overarching theme
This book makes exhilarating reading if you believe all has been and remains right with the world as long as the English-speaking peoples are in charge
He has interesting and perceptive things to say about the more exotic aspects of the Anglo-Saxon diaspora
In Roberts, the Anglo-American-Australian-Canadian-Kiwi Special Relationship has found an advocate of Churchillian eloquence
Full of detail, enriched by pen-portraits, opinionated and provocative
To continue the great work of Winston Churchill is a mighty challenge but Andrew Roberts carries it off brilliantly
It is beautifully written and will be widely read
I read this book with much pleasure and instruction. To resume reading so large a tome with anticipation of enjoyment is testimony to the skill of the author; and, when all is said and done, the achievement of the Engish-speaking peoples is great
Andrew Roberts has written an extraordinarily wide-ranging, stimulating and necessary book
A compelling - and distinctively British - guide to the story of the English-speaking peoples