Outside the Asylum

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‘A profound memoir’ Daily Telegraph
‘As revealing as the writing of Oliver Sacks’ Mark Cousins

Outside the Asylum is Lynne Jones’s personal and highly acclaimed exploration of humanitarian psychiatry and the changing world of international relief. Her memoir graphically describes her experiences in war zones and disasters around the world, from the Balkans and ‘mission-accomplished’ Iraq, to tsunami-affected Indonesia, post-earthquake Haiti and ‘the Jungle’ in Calais.


[Jones'] beautifully weft stories of a lone psychiatrist bearing children's unbearable burdens are beacons of hope to their bomb-shattered childhoods and to our broken world.
Sabina Dosani, BJPsych Bulletin
It will fill you with soaring admiration for those who dedicate their lives to help those who need it, fired by a strong belief in humanity
Caroline Sanderson, THE BOOKSELLER
A passionate account ... Her portrayal of human suffering and the human response is vividly described
Emma Williams, THE SPECTATOR
Her blazingly frank account is as enlightening on shifts in psychiatric treatment as it is on local implications of humanitarian-aid policy. Brilliantly insightful
Barbara Kiser, NATURE
Lynne Jones is a world expert on the psychiatric consequences of the trauma of war. She has not shied away from providing care to people in the heart of conflict zones, where such mental health resources are virtually non-existent. Her first hand observations will open readers' eyes to the awful connections between the neglected relationship of war and mental illness, and of what can be provided at relatively low cost, with the right planning and vision. This is essential reading for those training in mental health, to consider the broader picture of the causes of mental illness that one may not see in the routine hospital clinic. An outstanding piece of work
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
A profound memoir ... Her compassion is clear sighted, and she explains complex geopolitical and psychological issues in plain prose
As revealing as the writing of Oliver Sacks. Outside the Asylum joins the dots of mental health and conflict of the last four decades, resulting in a moving frontline account of geographical and mental borders. Jones's quest is lucid and questioning. She introduces us to a gallery of astonishing and brave people, and her work has surely made the world a better place. Inspiring
Mark Cousins