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Which lines on the map matter most?

It’s time to reimagine how life is organized on Earth. In Connectography, Parag Khanna guides us through the emerging global network civilization in which mega-cities compete over connectivity and borders are increasingly irrelevant. Travelling across the world, Khanna shows how twenty-first-century conflict is a tug-of-war over pipelines and Internet cables, advanced technologies and market access.

Yet Connectography also offers a hopeful vision of the future – beneath the chaos of a world that appears to be falling apart, a new foundation of connectivity is pulling it together.


'Clear and coherent . . . Khanna provides a rare account of the physical infrastructure of globalization. . . . Khanna also provides a well-researched account of how companies are weaving ever more complicated supply chains that pull the world together even as they squeeze out inefficiencies. . . . [He] has succeeded in demonstrating that the forces of globalization are winning the battle for connected space, building tunnels, bridges and pipelines at an astonishing pace'
Adrian Woolridge, Wall Street Journal
'A great feat of reportage'
Niall Ferguson, Financial Times on The Second World
'In high style, Parag Khanna reimagines the world through the lens of globally connected supply-chain networks. It is a world still fraught with perils - old and new - but one ever more likely to nurture peace and sustain progress'
John Arquilla, United States Naval Postgraduate School
'This is the sort of reporting that newspapers can no longer afford to send correspondents to do ... [Khanna's] book is compelling and exciting'
Telegraph on The Second World
'The term "sweeping" hardly does justice to the ambition of Indian-born Parag Khanna ... Makes the pulse race'
Economist on How to Run the World
'From Lagos, Mumbai, Dubai and Singapore to the Amazon, the Himalayas, the Arctic and the Gobi desert steppe, Parag Khanna's latest book provides an invaluable guide to the volatile, confusing worlds of early twenty-first-century geopolitics. A provocative remapping of contemporary capitalism based on planetary mega-infrastructures, inter-continental corridors of connectivity and transnational supply chains rather than traditional political borders'
Neil Brenner, Director, Urban Theory Lab, Harvard University Graduate School of Design
'Connectography is ahead of the curve in seeing the battlefield of the future, and the new kind of tug-of-war being waged on it. Khanna's scholarship and foresight are world-class'
Chuck Hagel, former U.S. Secretary of Defense
'To get where you want to go, it helps to have a good map. In Connectography, Parag Khanna surveys the economic, political and technological landscape and lays out the case for why "competitive connectivity" - with cities and supply chains as the vital nodes - is the true arms race of the twenty-first century. This bold reframing is an exciting addition to our ongoing debate about geopolitics and the future of globalization'
Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company
'Connectography gives the reader an amazing new view of human society, bypassing the time-worn categories and frameworks we usually use. It shows us a view of our world as a living thing that really exists: the flows of people, ideas and materials that constitute our constantly evolving reality. Connectography is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the future of humanity'
Sandy Pentland, Professor, MIT Media Lab
'For those who fear that the world is becoming too inward-looking, Connectography is a refreshing, optimistic vision'
The Economist
'Reading Connectography is a real adventure. The expert knowledge of Parag Khanna has produced a comprehensive and fascinating book anchored in geography but extending out to every field that connects people around the globe. His deep insight into communications, logistics and the many other globally critical areas is remarkable'
Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Emerging Markets Group
'Incredible . . . We don't often question the typical world map that hangs on the walls of classrooms-a patchwork of yellow, pink and green that separates the world into more than two hundred nations. But Parag Khanna, a global strategist, says that this map is, essentially, obsolete. . . . With the world rapidly changing and urbanizing, [Khanna's] proposals might be the best way to confront a radically different future'
Washington Post
'This is probably the most global book ever written. It is intensely specific while remaining broad and wide. Its takeaway is that infrastructure is destiny: follow the supply lines outlined in this book to see where the future flows'
Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick, Wired
'Khanna's insights are at once self-evident and revelatory . . . His seemingly inexhaustible expertise about the global economy is impressive . . . This is a prescient guide to the geopolitics of today and tomorrow'
Publishers Weekly
'Parag Khanna has vision'
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
'Parag Khanna takes our knowledge of connectivity into virgin territory, providing an entire atlas on how old and new connections are reshaping our physical, social and mental worlds. This is a deep and highly informative reflection on the meaning of a rapidly developing borderless world. Connectography proves why the past is no longer prologue to the future. There's no better guide than Parag Khanna to show us all the possibilities of this new hyper-connected world'
Mathew Burrows, Director, Strategic Foresight Initiative at the Atlantic Council, and former Counselor, U.S. National Intelligence Council
'Khanna imagines a near-future in which infrastructural and economic connections supersede traditional geopolitical coordinates as the primary means of navigating our world. He makes a persuasive case: Connectography is as compelling and richly expressive as the ancient maps from which it draws its inspiration'
Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and CEO, WPP