A Social History of The Third Reich

A Social History of The Third Reich

One of the most devastating portraits ever drawn of a human society – life in Hitler’s Germany during the Third Reich

The Nazis developed a social system unprecedented in history. It was rigidly hierarchical, with the seemingly beneficent and ascetic figure of Hitler at the top – focus for the homage and aspirations of every man,
woman and child. How did the ‘ordinary citizen’ live under such a system? The author discusses such subjects as beauty in the Third Reich (no cosmetics, no slimming) as well as charting how you progressed to the elite Nazi cadres – administrators, propagandists or coercers. It shows childhood with the Hitler Youth and describes the intense medieval ritual injected into every phase of life from school and university to farm labour. It shows life in the office, in industry, in the professions – doctors, lawyers, artists – and in the Nazi Party itself. Finally, it documents what happened at the two extremes of German society – to the aristocrats and to the Jews.
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Genre: Humanities / History / Regional & National History / European History

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