The Story of Britain

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781474607063

Price: £12.99

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‘A thought-provoking and indispensable book’ DAILY MAIL

‘An instant classic … I have been reading it with unalloyed admiration and delight’ EVENING STANDARD

Roy Strong has written an exemplary introduction to the history of Britain, as first designated by the Romans. It is a brilliant and balanced account of successive ages bound together by a compelling narrative which answers the questions: ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’

Beginning with the earliest recorded Celtic times, and ending with the present day of Brexit Britain, it is a remarkable achievement. With his passion, enthusiasm and wide-ranging knowledge, he is the ideal narrator. His book should be read by anyone, anywhere, who cares about Britain’s national past, national identity and national prospects.


A delight to read ... An admirably conceived and richly enjoyable book
A brave, lucid, lively, majestically illustrated volume
Blair Worden, SPECTATOR
A richly entertaining account of our island story
Jane Shilling, DAILY MAIL
His narrative steams along, his judgements are sharp and generally fair ... Essential reading
Linda Colley, THE TIMES
A magnificently produced book ... that will enlighten and inform his readers about the past of the land they live in, and how we arrived at where we are today
Simon Heffer, DAILY MAIL
A writer of clear, unflashy, deeply well-informed prose ... This history of Britain, an updated version of his 1996 book, is a perfect example of it. No meretricious opinions; no show-off expressions. Just a considered explanation of British history, from the Celts to the present day. Every history-starved schoolchild in the country should be given a copy ... an utterly enthralling picture of a country that remains as exceptional as it was when Virgil first mentioned Britain in literature in his First Eclogue: "penitus toto divisos orbe Britannos" - "the Britons, utterly separated from the whole world"'
Combining an unsurpassed eye for detail with a visceral understanding of what it means to be British, Strong unfolds a saga of passionate intensity ... No one should be permitted to leave school until they have first read Sir Roy's rich, thought-provoking and indispensable book
Roger Lewis, DAILY MAIL
Our forebears had the Bible and The Pilgrim's Progress. We have Stephen Hawking and Delia Smith. This book, for British people, has that kind of status. It is an instant classic ... I have been reading it with unalloyed admiration and delight
A triumph ... The Story of Britain succeeds better than any other contemporary survey in conveying a sense of British identity
Amanda Foreman, INDEPENDENT
Splendid ... a most enjoyable read
Michael Kerrigan, SCOTSMAN
Elegantly written, beautifully illustrated and scrupulously fair ... Classic popular history
Andrew Roberts, MAIL ON SUNDAY
This is history at its best: clear, comprehensive, and told with huge aplomb and elegance of style
Antonia Fraser
A must for anyone interested in history
Beryl Bainbridge, SUNDAY EXPRESS </i> Books of the Year<i>