An Object of Beauty

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399617536

Price: £9.99

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‘Think The Devil Wears Prada with paintbrushes’ Grazia

Lacey Yeager is beautiful, captivating, and ambitious enough to take the New York art world by storm.

She sparkles in auction houses, selling Old Master paintings to the fabulously wealthy, and in edgy Downtown galleries, filled with Hirsts and Warhols. Charming men and women, old and young, rich and even richer, Lacey’s ascendancy seems assured.

But when the art world bubble looks set to burst, a secret from her past rears its head, threatening to undermine everything she has worked for . . .


Effortlessly stylish ... Martin is so multitalented as to make you sick
Alfred Hickling, GUARDIAN
Told with charm and pizzaz
Emma Hagestadt, INDEPENDENT
An astringently witty tour of Manhattan's extravagantly booming auction houses, pricey little galleries and their glitzy hinterland. En route, modish fads and fraudulence, vacuous collectors, dubious sales-room operators and artists who are dab hands at self-promotion are deftly impaled.