The Pleasure of my Company

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399617543

Price: £9.99

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‘Martin’ s prose shows that he has comic talent to burn’ The Times
‘It’s like reading PG Wodehouse on acid or Monty Python on Valium: calmly surreal . . . innocent and playful, original and funny – a lot of fun’ Observer

Daniel Pecan Cambridge is a young man whose life is rich and full, provided he never leaves his apartment. Outside there are 8-inch-high curbs and the possibility of seeing a gas station attendant wearing a blue hat. So, apart from occasional visits to Zandy, shop assistant at his local pharmacy and potentially his perfect woman, Daniel stays home a lot.

But then – Bob from downstairs is murdered. Daniel, finding himself a suspect, agrees to a TV reconstruction of the murder inquiry, which looks set to backfire.

The chronicle of a modern-day neurotic yearning to break free, The Pleasure of My Company is filled with Steve Martin’s trademark humour, tenderness, and out and out hilarious wordplay.