Summer Requiem

Summer Requiem

‘I have so carefully mapped the corners of my mind
That I am forever waking in a lost country…’

SUMMER REQUIEM traces the immutable shifting of the seasons, the relentless rhythms of a great world that both ‘gifts and harms’. Luminous, resonant and profound, these poems trace the dying days of summer, ‘the hour of rust’, when memory is haunted by loss and decay. But in the silence that follows, as the soul is cast adrift, there is also reconciliation with the transience of all things; the knowledge that there is a place, ‘changeable, that will not betray’.
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Genre: Literature & Literary Studies / Poetry / Poetry By Individual Poets

On Sale: 9th June 2016

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781780228679


Seth's display of technical dexterity pulses with the kind of warmth that can only come from the heart
The Lady
A soulful collection, haunting yet peaceful
We Love This Book
Impressive . . . quietly affecting