The Deadly Trade

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781409158523

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Genre: Humanities / History / Military History

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The Deadly Trade takes readers on an epic and enthralling voyage through submarine warfare, including how U-boats in two world wars tried to achieve victory, first for the Kaiser and then 20 years later for Adolf Hitler.
It tells the story of how such tiny craft took on mighty battleships, including U-boats sinking HMS Royal Oak and HMS Barham in WW2, along with the incredible exploits of British submariners in the Dardanelles and Baltic during WW1.The action-packed narrative includes bitterly contested Atlantic convoy fights of WW2 and submarines in the clash of battle fleets at Midway. Iain Ballantyne also reveals how the US Navy submarine service brought the Japanese empire to its knees in 1945, even before the atomic bombs were dropped.
The Deadly Trade tells the amazing stories of not only pioneers such as Drebbel, Fulton and Holland, but also of legendary submarine captains, including Max Horton and Otto Weddigen in WW1. During WW2 we sail to war with Otto Kretschmer, Gunther Prien, Fritz-Julius Lemp, Malcolm Wanklyn, Dudley Morton, Richard O’Kane and Sam Dealey. We get involved in the famous fights of Britain’s ace submarine-killing escort group leaders Frederic ‘Johnny’ Walker, Donald Macintyre and Peter Gretton.
There is a dive into unconventional submarine warfare, including Japanese midget subs in the notorious Pearl Harbor raid plus British X-craft against the Tirpitz in Arctic waters.
Iain Ballantyne plunges readers into famous Enigma machine captures that played a key role in deciding the outcome of WW2. He explains what the Nazis were up to at the end of WW2, pursuing Total Underwater Warfare, partly via the revolutionary Type XXI U-boat. Ballantyne reveals the incredible story of a proposed cruise missile attack on New York and considers the likelihood (or otherwise) of Hitler escaping to South America in a U-boat.
The Deadly Trade takes us into the post-WW2 face-off between the Soviets and NATO, the sinking of the Indian frigate INS Khukri by Pakistan’s PNS Hangor and attack on the Argentine cruiser ARA Belgrano by HMS Conqueror. The Deadly Trade concludes with today’s growing submarine arms race and Putin’s ‘missile boat diplomacy’ along with the use of cruise missiles by the British and Americans to try and decapitate rogue regimes.
The Deadly Trade is the perfect companion to Hunter Killers, Iain Ballantyne’s real-life Cold War submarine thriller.


A most enjoyable and inspiring read
Stuart Crawford, CABLE MAGAZINE
A brilliant deep dive into submarine warfare, from ancient Greek divers right up to our current nuclear fleet
Superbly told ... Consistently fascinating
Ben Wilson, THE TIMES
A comprehensive, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable history of this lesser-known aspect of warfare ... It should be on the bookshelf of every serious military historian and enthusiast
This formidable and addictive book
Major Gerry Bartlett