The Deadly Trade

The Deadly Trade

Originally a puny craft, derided as being of no worth, the submarine evolved to become an assassin of the deep, capable of sinking mighty battleships and gigantic aircraft carriers. The cast of colourful and courageous characters includes a former monk who created submersible boats to assist the cause of Irtish liberation, a spy who hid Confederate submarine secrets in her bonnet during the American Civil War and many a daring young captain who perished along with he men they command.

During the two world wars no corner of the globe was safe from the depredations of submarines. The spectacular (and terrifying) story continued with the Cold War into the 21st century, making the submarine the most powerful vessel ever built, carrying enough nuclear weapons to end life on Earth.
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Genre: Humanities / History / Military History

On Sale: 8th March 2018

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781409158530


A comprehensive, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable history of this lesser-known aspect of warfare ... It should be on the bookshelf of every serious military historian and enthusiast
Superbly told ... Consistently fascinating
Ben Wilson, THE TIMES
This formidable and addictive book
Major Gerry Bartlett
A brilliant deep dive into submarine warfare, from ancient Greek divers right up to our current nuclear fleet
A most enjoyable and inspiring read
Stuart Crawford, CABLE MAGAZINE