My Unapologetic Diaries

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781474621298

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Genre: Biography & True Stories / Diaries, Letters & Journals

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‘As brutal, withering and funny as you’d expect’ Julian Clary
‘A rollicking read, packed with wit and old-school glamour’ Sunday Telegraph
‘Fabulously entertaining, impossibly glamorous and utterly irresistible’ Piers Morgan
‘Packed with insight and fun’ Red


A keen diarist from the age of twelve, Joan Collins is finally spilling the beans – well, nearly all of them. Taking us on a dazzling tour around the globe – from exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles to the glittering beaches of St Tropez, from dinner parties in London to galas in New York City – some of the characters you will meet in these pages include Rod Stewart, Princess Margaret, Donald Trump, Michael Caine, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Rupert Everett, Roger Moore, Shirley MacLaine, Andrew Lloyd Webber and many more. Her diaries are intimate and witty, and they pull no punches, with NO apologies to anyone mentioned in them!


The inimitable Dame Joan shares her views on the world and her showbiz chums without deference to political correctness
Daily Telegraph
What a treat to delve into Joan Collins's diaries; a treat from start to finish
Elizabeth Hurley
Even with a life as packed as this, can there be anything left to say? Plenty, it turns out, and with great style and an enormous dash of acid. This is a book to read while sipping a stiff drink, ideally with a gorgeous companion on hand to whom you can read out the choicest bits. She puts on a hell of a show
Sarah Ditum, The Times
These diary entries are brilliantly candid, with name-dropping aplenty. A rollicking read, packed with wit and old-school glamour
Sunday Telegraph - Stella Magazine
From encounters with the Royal Family to experiences at star-studded parties, this is a book packed with insight and fun
A fascinating glimpse into a fabulous life. Dame Joan's private thoughts are as brutal, withering and funny as you'd expect
Julian Clary
A wonderfully rich and mesmerising diary. Full of insight and revelation
William Boyd
Outrageously wonderful . . . hilarious . . . it is nice to read a book where someone truly enjoys being themselves. She has promised us 'unapologetic' but woo-eee, it is savage.
Camilla Long, The Sunday Times
These diaries are like their author - fabulously entertaining, impossibly glamorous, and utterly irresistible
Piers Morgan
Unapologetic to say the least. Alexis Carrington hasn't got anything on Dame Joan
Tracey Emin CBE RA
Combative and gloriously indiscreet, Dame Joan Collins leaves a trail of walking wounded in her wake with her waspish observations of Hollywood, theatre-land and monarchy. It's why she is showbusiness royalty
Andrew Pierce