Blood and Fears

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781474601634

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Genre: Humanities / History / Military History / Second World War

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How America’s bomber boys and girls in England won their war, and how their English allies responded to them.

‘A gripping tribute to the British-based US 8th Air Force during the Second World War’ Mail on Sunday

‘A brilliant book’ Robert Elms

In this comprehensive history, Kevin Wilson allows the young men of the US 8th Air Force based in Britain during the Second World War to tell their stories of blood and heroism in their own words. He also reveals the lives of the Women’s Army Corps and Red Cross girls who served in England with them. Drawing on first-hand accounts, Wilson brings to life the ebullient Americans’ interactions with their British counterparts, and unveils surprising stories of humanity and heartbreak.

Thanks to America’s bomber boys and girls, life in Britain would never be the same again.


Abounds with arresting detail - the widespread use of Benzedrine to fight tiredness, the frustrating performance of the electric suits designed to keep flyers warm at 28,000 feet ... the role of sheer luck in determining who lived or died and the shockingly high risk of collision
I strongly recommend Kevin Wilson's book BLOOD AND FEARS. Through letters, diary entries and anecdotes, Wilson really brings to life the incredible personal stories of America's courageous bomber crews who helped win WW2
Woody Johnson, US Ambassador,
[A] gripping tribute to the British-based US 8th Air Force during the Second World War
Simon Griffith, Mail on Sunday
In the hands of a master craftsman with a keen eye for human detail the story (Wilson) has to tell is as compelling as it is comprehensive.
Kevin Wilson has gathered together a treasure trove of unique stories from an incredible range of sources. Tense, thrilling and often tragic, his book brings to vivid life the everyday heroism of the American bomber boys
Keith Lowe, bestselling author of Savage Continent
Mr Wilson's all-guns-blazing history of the USAAF (United States Army Air Forces) boys and girls covers everything from Glenn Miller dances and gifts of silk stockings to nerve-wracking daylight raids over Germany. It flies
John Lewis-Stempel, Sunday Express
The whole book - style, information, readability (and other merits I can't express as I'm not that literary) - are great! One of the most enjoyable I have read; hard to put down
A sweeping history of the time period that includes the decisions to keep attacking, despite the losses. It captures not only the experiences of the bomber crews but also the British population, the U.S. fighter squadrons providing escort, and the ground support personnel. The author's admiration for the courage, sacrifice, and skill of the bomber crews is evident in every chapter
A brilliant book
Robert Elms, BBC Radio London
Vivid and revealing ... Wilson's polished storytelling, inspired by first-hand accounts (from diaries, letters and interviews) brings the reality of the American Air Forces' bomber offensive in Europe to live - both on and off the battlefields ... honestly portraying the triumphs and tragedies of war