Syria's Secret Library

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781474605922

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‘Hugely inspiring . . . A unique tribute to the power of books and the unquenchable human spirit’ MICHAEL PALIN

‘An inspiring read – humanity at its best’ DAVID NOTT, author of War Doctor

Daraya lies on the fringe of Damascus, just south west of the Syrian Capital. Besieged by government forces since 2011, its people were deprived of food, bombarded by bombs and missiles, and shot at by snipers. But while the streets above echoed with rifle fire, deep beneath lay a secret library – a haven of peace with books lining almost every wall. Many people had risked their lives to save these precious titles from the devastation of war. Because to them, the secret library was a symbol of hope – of their belief that books would triumph over bombs and help them rebuild their fractured society. This is the true story of an extraordinary place and the people who made it happen.


Mike Thomson's relationship with the people of Daraya as they were being systematically smashed to pieces has produced one of the most extraordinary stories to come out of the Syrian conflict. The assembly of a library under almost daily threat of death and destruction is appalling and at the same time, hugely inspiring. A unique tribute to the power of books and the unquenchable human spirit
An inspiring read - humanity at its best overcoming adversity at the height of war with the power of love for their secret library
Hugely stirring
Compassionate and inspiring
A Syrian tale of cultural resistance ... provides moving testimony to Syrian students' passion for books ... a small band of enthusiasts convinced of the redemptive power of reading ... determined both to keep their minds sharp and do something for their community ... dodged sniper fire daily to salvage whatever volumes they could find from the wreckage of homes and public buildings
In a country devastated by war, this incredible story shows how one library has thrived