We Need New Stories

We Need New Stories

We are in a unique moment as it is becoming clear that the old frames of reference are not working, that the narratives used for decades to stave off progressive causes are in danger of being exposed as falsehoods, that the myths, be it of sexual liberation or of white non-identity, are at odds with the lived experience and in urgent need of revision. Nesrine Malik applies her uniquely sharp intellect to a range of stories used to maintain the status quo. As the centre ground is being eroded, she challenges us to find new narrators whose stories can fill the void and unite us behind a shared progressive vision.

Do women mistake access for arrival? Has the concept of political correctness been weaponised to avoid ceding space to those excluded from power? Is whiteness an identity with barriers to entry? These are some of the questions at the centre of Nesrine Malik’s radical and compelling analysis.

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Genre: Society & Social Sciences / Society & Culture: General

On Sale: 5th September 2019

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Nesrine Malik writes with urgent eloquence about the world we live in, applying her brilliant mind to some of the most important debates of our age. She's right: we do need new stories. Most of all though, we need this book
An acute and nuanced interrogator of contemporary prejudices, Nesrine Malik writes with immense moral courage and intellectual power
We live in confusing and chaotic times - an age where the values many took for granted are being questioned, where universal rights are being casually denied. WE NEED NEW STORIES is the first book I've read that makes sense of where we are, and of what we will lose if we don't wake up. An urgent, totally essential book
Nesrine Malik's new book stares into the heart of our current seething political volcano and gives it a cool hosing down. With careful analysis and a great historian's expertise for synthesising a huge amount of information into a clear arc, she engages in a powerful and persuasive debunking exercise
[Malik] presents her case persuasively, with admirable clarity, and in doing so cuts through a lot of the messy, often befuddling noise. Clear, accessible . . . well-researched and thorough
Rachel Andrews, IRISH TIMES
WE NEED NEW STORIES is a plea for greater diversity and essential reading, at a time when politics is so divisive, for anyone with an interest in current or social affairs
Lucy Whetman, THE i NEWSPAPER
A rigorous study of our predicament . . . An expansive, structural interrogation of the status quo that draws on a wealth of research and interviews
Helen Charman, GUARDIAN
Malik has important things to say . . . her arguments echoed powerfully in my mind long after I had put the book down