Happy All the Time

Happy All the Time

A ‘jewel of romantic comedy’ (New York Times) from the late great author, adored by Nigella Lawson, Dolly Alderton, Katherine Heiny and Caroline O’Donoghue.

This is a novel about what happens when – just occasionally – we can live happily ever after.

Vincent is pretty certain he will win a Nobel Prize for Physics. When he meets Holly, he loves her on sight. Guido plans to write poetry and when Misty – bored and misanthropic – steps into his office, he finds himself desperate to know her.
Through courtship, jealousy, estrangement and other perils, we watch as the two couples manage to find love in spite of themselves.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 21st January 2021

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781474615938


A jewel of romantic comedy
New York Times
Delicious with much wit ... author and reader have the greatest fun
Sunday Telegraph
Rare and charming ... refreshingly soothing
Shimmering ... funny... it made everything in my life seem a whole lot better
Amazing! Impossible to put down ... sharply funny, altogether unusual. I recommend it highly
A funny, loving, celebratory book ... in which everything is perfect
Boston Globe
Merry and bright and tender ... written in exquisitely balanced sentences that taste just right. Comparison with Jane Austen is not out of order
New York Post
A pleasure ... endless surprises and ultimately boundless joy ... It would be difficult not to enjoy it all
New Yorker
An elegant, fresh, funny tale of four people in love ... There's electricity here ... Pure delight
Village Voice
Colwin's canny Manhattan pastorale strikes me as at least as much fun to read as Sense and Sensibility
it abounds in good lines, aphorisms, advice to both the loved and the lovelorn
New York Times
Laurie Colwin was the best kind of master: human and humorous, full of wisdom and love. When am I happy all the time? When I have a stack of Laurie Colwin books beside me
Emma Straub